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  • Estes Clinic guarantees 100% customer satisfaction in all its operations.

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Our services

  • Hair Transplant
  • Body Aesthetics
  • Facial Aesthetics
Manual Fue Study

What makes the Fue method different is the way the hair follicles are removed and the micromotor device used in the process.

PRP Treatment

With PRP's treatment it is possible to heal certain diseases in the body and rejuvenate the skin with one's own blood

Saç Ekimi


All of the operations are carried out by doctors with expertise and industry experience.

Guaranteed Work

As Estes Clinic, all operations with our specialist doctors are guaranteed.

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Abdominal Stretching

Abdominal stretching which requires abdominal stretching is usually in women.

Breast Enlargement

Nozzles are the structures that complete the physique in the body. We're growing small breasts!

Vucut Estetiği

Oil Filling

The body is made of fat cells taken with the help of special cannulas of 2 mm thickness from a region such as the abdomen or basin.

Crotch Tension

After aging or excessive weight loss, the sagging of the legs, especially the inner parts of the thighs can be annoying.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue, mimic muscles, fat pads, ligaments that connect facial skin to deep tissues and bone tissue.

Face Lift

Face lift is one of the operations of reversing signs of aging on the face. It is used especially for removing cheeks on the cheek, chin edges and under the neck.

Yüz Estetiği

Eyebrow Removal

Over time, with the effect of gravity, the eyebrows move downwards and give a sad, tired and old expression to the gaze.

Lip Aesthetics

Lips play an important role in making your face look young and beautiful. The aesthetically beautiful lip shape may vary over time and according to the individual.

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Estes Clinic

Estes Clinic has been providing its customers with reliable and reliable service since 2002 with its experienced and professional team. As Estes Clinic, all operations with our specialist doctors are guaranteed.

Our Team

  • Op. Dr. Ömer SAĞIR
    Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Specialist
  • Op. Dr. Sadullah Karun
    Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist
  • Doç. Dr. Ali Durmuş
    Obesity and Metabolism Surgery
  • Hüseyin Abbas
    Director Of International Patient
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